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Building Sample Sites
Building a site for a prospect couldn't be any easier. If you can order products online or signup for an email account, then you have all the skills necessary to build a site for a prospect. It's as simple as filling out an online form.

Follow these easy steps to create a business site for your prospect using our rapid construction technology.
  1. Visit the home page of your WebCenter.
  2. Click on "Build Your Website", to build a site.
  3. You should now be at the build form page. Fill out your prospects contact information on the top portion of the form.
  4. On the bottom portion of the form, begin by selecting the industry type that is the closest match to what your prospect does. All industries listed with an * next to them have an industry specific layout created. This means that when the site gets built, it will be populated with text, images and tools that have been created especially for that industry.
  5. Next, select the layout type. You can either choose from one of our layouts or pick a layout that you have created from a converted site (Contact customer care if you need instructions on how to convert a site into a layout). If you have chosen an industry specific layout from the "Industry" drop-down, then the first option in the "Layout" drop-down will be that industry specific layout. All of the other options in the "Layout" drop-down-box will be the generic layouts. If you choose one of the generic Layouts, it will be populated with industry specific text, but will not contain industry specific tools or images.
  6. Choose a color scheme. If you want to preview what the layout will look like, click on the thumbnail version of the layout and a fully functional sample site will be launched in a new window.
  7. When you are finished with entering all of the necessary information on the form, click on the "Continue" button to start the site creation process.
  8. In approximately ten seconds, a site will be created for your prospect. The next page will contain a confirmation message containing the user name, password and site name necessary to view and access the administrative area of the Web site.
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