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Looking for a fast and easy way to get help with your Web site needs?  If you need a way for someone to show you exactly how to change something on your Web site, we have a solution for you.  Our Live Chat Support tool is the perfect complement to our normal voice-based Customer Care.  It can be found here.

These cutting edge features are certain to reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot a problem and increase you and your customer’s satisfaction:

¨ Remote Diagnostics – Our Customer Care Chat agents are able to gather a standard set of information about the end user's environment -- including operating system details; total and available memory; applications and services currently running.  All of this vital information will help our agents get to the root of the problem with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy.

¨ Reboot/Reconnect – If you connect to the Internet with a high-speed connection, our representatives are able to restart the end user's computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.

¨ Remote Viewing/Control - This amazing feature gives our Customer Care representatives the ability to remotely share your mouse and keyboard for quick and easy service.  Once you enable the ChatLink feature, it will create a direct link between your computer and a Customer Care representative’s computer in our support center -- allowing them to show you how to perform each step in the process in real time on your computer screen!  Whenever you would like to resume control of your computer, simply pause the session or override the Customer Care rep by moving your mouse.

¨ Local Viewing/Control – Our Customer Care agents can even show you their desktop to further explain anything you may have any questions about.

¨ Whiteboard - Enables our representatives and the end user to draw, highlight or type on each other's screens. You can see exactly how to resolve issues, greatly improving customer satisfaction and reducing troubleshooting time.

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