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The Importance of Good Navigation

What are users looking for online?  
Information, Services, and Products
The Internet has become so popular because of the convenience and utility it provides.  Users can find the best product or service at the lowest possible price with minimal effort.  If a potential customer lands on your site, you want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for Ö with good navigation.

What is good navigation? 
It doesnít require special Flash tricks, or Java-scripted mouse over buttons; good navigation is easy to use.  Period. 

Why do most people visit your site?  What are they looking for?  What do they want?  Use feedback you obtain from keyword results and page view statistics to see where most of your visitors go, and make sure that those pages or information are easy to find. 

Donít hide your merchandise behind ostentatious buttons, images, or graphics. 
Analytics reveals how your customers are experiencing your Web site, and good navigation is one of the most important ways to create a positive experience for your visitors.

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