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Sales Support is chartered to sell Web sites on behalf of Dollars By Design owners.  Just as it is your responsibility to schedule a firm, qualified appointment with the Product Specialists as Dollars By Design Sales Support, it is their first priority to sell the Web site.  Selling the Web site at the price you desire is secondary.

When you use Sales Support, it should be with the intention of learning how to sell Web sites from trained, qualified Web site sales people known as Product Specialists.  The Product Specialists are familiar with the Web site market, as well as the features, benefits, and value of the Web sites created by the WebCenter. 

Your goal in using Sales Support should be to learn as much as you can about what to say, how to respond to customers' objections, how to walk through a Web site presentation, and how to tactfully show the customer through the sales process of asking for payment at the end of the call. 

This free service is offered to you as a WebCenter licensee for the purpose of helping you learn to make sales for yourself.  Although you are certainly allowed to continue using Sales Support indefinitely, you should expand your sales and appointment hours beyond what Sales Support offers and (after several successful Sales Support calls) apply what you have learned by transitioning into making the closing calls yourself.

Once you have gained experience and skill at making Web site calls yourself, you will have more flexibility in your scheduled appointment times, selling prices, negotiated barters for exchanges of goods and services, etc.  Sales Support and the team of Product Specialists exist to help you attain the level of success to do the closing calls yourself.

Using Sales Support assumes that you agree to a more rigid schedule, potentially lower selling prices, and other guidelines that you must agree to in the Sales Calendar before you are allowed to schedule online appointments. 

Although you may want your Product Specialist to sell a Web site at $2499 during any given call, using Sales Support authorizes them to make the sale at $999 without conferring with you.  They will often try for higher prices, but not at the expense of losing the sale.  Expect your Sales Support calls to close at average prices between $999 and $1299 which is where most Dollars By Design Web sites sell with the least amount of resistance from the customer.

If you are still not comfortable conducting walkthroughs and closing calls after several Sales Support calls, you may continue to use the free Sales Support service as long as you like.  Just understand the tradeoff in price, convenience, and control between using a Product Specialist and closing the Web site sale yourself.

Tips on Using Your Sales Support Resources:
¨ It is very important for you to become familiar with how the Sales Calendar works.  Thoroughly read the directions in the calendar and be sure you understand the terms and conditions you agree to buy using Sales Support.
¨ Sales Support is available to help make your Web site sales and hosting business successful.  The WebCenter licensee Sales Support number is (866) 287-8118.

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