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Setting Goals and Planning

To be truly successful with your WebCenter business, it is imperative that you set measurable goals for yourself and develop a plan for achieving those goals.  Here’s a list of what you should do to get started with your WebCenter.

If you do not have written goals that you can measure, monitor, adjust and control, then your business will be focused around activity, not productivity.  You want your business to be productive, so you need to consider the following points carefully and write both a detailed and a summary goal statement to keep you on track to success.  If you find later that you are not achieving the goals that you set for yourself, one of two things must be changed: your goals, or the actions you are performing to reach them.   Don’t underestimate the importance of writing your goals and tracking them!

A. What to Include in Your Goal Statement
1. Learn the material.  Determine how many hours a day you will dedicate to reading the manuals, listening to conference calls, or learning how to use the software. 
2. Set up a list of prospects.  Who are you going to approach first?  Who do you know that needs a Web site?  What about friends and family members who own businesses?  With what industries are you most familiar?
3. Decide how many businesses you will call or approach each day.  Are you going to drive to the prospect’s location, or will you contact prospects over the phone?  Make a commitment to yourself to approach as many businesses as it takes to speak to an interested Decision Maker.
4. Decide how many appointments you will set with Sales Support each week.  How many properly qualified appointments will you schedule to make a sale?  How many sales per week are sufficient to meet your financial goals?

1. Decide how much money you would like to make your first year in business.  How many Web sites will you sell each month?
2. Decide when you will start running your Web site business full-time.  How much money will you need to replace your current income?

B. Preparing to Meet Your Goals
 Familiarize yourself with the software.  Build a few sample sites and make changes to the text, images, background, etc.; call Customer Care and ask questions.
2. Become familiar with the appointment setting script.  Develop an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish while going through the script.   If cold calling is going to be the primary way of prospecting for you, take the time to read the script until you are comfortable with your approach.
3. Get comfortable enough with overcoming objections and answering questions that you can respond to customers naturally with posture and self-confidence.  Be able to think in themes versus memorizing canned answers.
4. Learn the process of confirming appointments without sounding pushy or “needy.”
5. Understand that you don’t have to know everything about the product to start selling sites; you only need to know how to set firm appointments with all of the decision makers, listen to Sales Support present the Web site features and benefits, and let Sales Support close the sale for you while you learn.

The next step in crystallizing your business goals is to present a positive public image for your business to your customers.  As a Dollars by Design owner, you hold a responsibility to your Web site customers to deliver the best Internet solution and support possible.  The level of support you offer and the scope of service you provide should be quantified in an individual mission statement that you define for your customers.

From your customers’ perspective, the objective of your WebCenter business is to provide a complete Web site management platform for small- to mid-sized businesses.  As a WebCenter licensee, your mission statement should reflect that you strive to provide customized, industry-specific Web sites via your turnkey software solution, value-added commercial support services, and excellent customer support.  Dollars by Design set and maintain the cutting edge turnkey Web site standard, while taking online performance to an even higher level.  Take a few moments to consider what you will promise your customers in your mission statement, and ensure that you implement a proven, duplicable business plan to deliver on your promise.

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