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Top WebCenter Owner Sales Tips to Follow

Top WCO Sales Tips To Follow

After years of study, our research indicates that by following certain simple guidelines, WebCenter owners can increase their sales dramatically. The following is a checklist of the top WCO Sales Tips:


® Qualify the prospect -- Before introducing your Web hosting service to someone new, make sure they are a qualified lead. The ideal prospect is someone who has a small to medium-sized business, with Internet connectivity, a passing familiarity with computers, surplus income and a modern attitude towards marketing. 

® Donít talk price too soon -- When you are presenting your hosting service to a prospect, never offer a price prematurely -- it could backfire on you. Until you fully understand their need, thereís a good chance that you will either underbid or overbid their presence.

® Listen to your prospectís needs Ė When talking to your prospect, really listen to his needs. Ask questions until you have a good grasp of exactly what he wants. Itís a good idea to take notes too -- so that you donít forget important details. 

® Include a good description in your calendar -- When you schedule an appointment in your on-line calendar, itís smart to write a short, descriptive summary for Sales Support. Make sure you include any specific hot buttons that you feel will help solidify the deal.

® Set aside one hour for each appointment -- Give yourself about an hour to spend on each appointment. Make sure that the prospect can dedicate a good forty-five minutes to hear the entire presentation and ask questions. Schedule at a time that is the least stressful for both of you. And always make sure you are talking to the decision-makers.

® Type in the correct price -- Make sure the CORRECT Web site price is set in the secured server before the presentation. 

® Preview the Web site -- Before the sales presentation, preview the site to make sure the contact information is correct. Check to make sure that it is activated and looks good.

® Confirm the appointment -- Call to confirm with your prospect 24 hours before the appointment. If there is a cancellation, make sure you notify us at least four hours before the scheduled time. This will help us to better serve you the next time you have a last minute, call-in appointment.

® Do not interrupt -- When using sales support, try not to interrupt during the presentation. Dollars by Design Product Specialists are specially trained to answer any questions and concerns. Itís been proven time and again that the best way to close the deal is to let sales support do the work. 

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