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Search Engine Statistics

Search Engine Statistics
A recent study from Harris Interactive shows that Search Engines continue to grow in popularity with 53% of U.S. Internet users employing Search Engines every time they access the web. In addition, Google (with 35% of the market share) was named the most popular Search Engine -- followed by Yahoo (31%), MSN (16%), and AOL (9%).

The study also showed that users preferred certain Search Engines to find different subjects. For instance, Google had the most hits for News, Current Events and Business information, while MSN dominated the Medical/Health and Wellness fields.

What are people searching for specifically? The poll shows that the top search subjects are:
1. Hobbies – 88%
2. Directions/Maps - 75%
3. News - 64%
4. Health and Medical information – (61% of women and 35% of men)
5. Shopping - 51%
6. Entertainment - 47%

When it comes to shopping, the study discovered that 78% of all adult users research products and services on-line before purchasing them. Four out of five of those prefer to compare prices throughout the worldwide web community than just within their local retail base. This new trend can drastically increase the size of a Web site’s market if promoted properly.

Another interesting fact is that 54% of users would rather look up businesses on-line than through the yellow pages or phone book. This gives them instant, anonymous access – making shopping all the more easier.

As you can see, Search Engines are an essential part of the Internet and an integrate part of site marketing. The latest studies indicate that the majority of consumers use this resource every time they are on-line. This same data suggests that its popularity will only continue to increase. Site owners who stay current on the latest Search engine developments and use this information to better promote their sites on-line will have a distinct advantage over less prepared sites.

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