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How to Write the Right Web site

According to Jon Wuebben, author of Custom Copywriting, the way you write your Web site is very important to its success. If potential customers have to trudge through bad, meandering copy, they will lose interest and move on. The bottom line is “bad copy means fewer sales”.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when writing your Web site content:
¨ Because most users spend under 30-seconds scanning a page, short concise sentences and bullets are recommended to give the information fast.
The copy should be interesting, informative and written in the way that people talk.
You should have no more than 450 words per page. One way to achieve this is to write a one or two-sentence summary of the product/service and them give them the option of clicking into a “learn more” or “buy now” link.
Use headings and sub-headings to keep the eye focused and to break up the page into more digestible parts.
And always remember: AIDA

Grab Attention
     Build Interest
          Create Desire
               Take ACTION!!!

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