August 2006 Tip of the Month

How to join the exclusive One-Call Close Club!

Of all the ways to close a deal, none is more satisfying and ego-boosting than the elusive, yet lucrative One-Call Close. In fact, statistics show that only about 10% of you are bonafide members of the exclusive One-Call Close Club!


The beauty of this club is that once you figure out all the secret handshakes, passwords, bells and whistles, you will find yourself effortlessly completing one after another. It’s truly the most enviable WCO position to be in.


So what is the trick? What do you need to know to get into the club?


Our goal this month, is to show you how to bypass the gatekeepers, non-Decision Makers and other superfluous distractions, in order to setup the “perfect appointment”. You know, the kind where the prospect can’t wait to give you his or her credit card information fast enough. Here are some pointers on how to get your first One-Call Close:

Start with the basics …

As with every appointment, it is imperative that you carefully complete each step in the Appointment Checklist. Here’s a quick recap:


  1. Make a good first impression and be prepared
  2. Make sure that you are speaking with the Decision Maker (DM)
  3. Find out your prospect’s needs by asking good questions
  4. Don’t discuss the price
  5. Don’t oversell the Web site
  6. Move the appointment forward
  7. Make sure that you set the appointment with ALL the DM’s
  8. Solidify the sale by reiterating when the appointment is, with who, how long it will last etc.
*Very important: Before you go any farther, please take the time to review the Appointment Checklist in-depth, so that you can work each step to the very best of your ability. Remember the more time and energy you spend setting a top-grade appointment, the greater your chances of completing the One-Call Close.

Once you have followed the checklist to the letter, everything should be set up and ready to go. All you need now is the “Clincher” sentence -- the one that will separate the Follow-up Call appointment from the One-Call Close.


Introducing the “Clincher”:


“If you are 100% satisfied with the Web site package after viewing the presentation, will YOU be able to make the purchase at that time?”


At this point, you have done your due diligence, given it your very best effort and now it’s up to Sales Support to close the deal. With years of experience behind us, we will use every weapon in our arsenal to get the job done. We close approximately 50% of our presentations, so your chances just keep getting better. The bottom line is that you do your part and we’ll do ours.

Now get out there and set those qualified appointments and show us what you’ve got!

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