January 2007 Tip of the Month

It’s the beginning of the New Year and the perfect time to go over the Top 5 Basic Guidelines to successfully sell Web sites.

Qualify the prospect – make sure that you always set the appointment with all of the Decision Makers. For more information on how to qualify the Decision Makers, click here.

Always confirm the appointment
– It is common courtesy and just plain, good sense to call and confirm the appointment with your prospect 24 hours before the presentation is scheduled.

3. Schedule a full hour for the walkthrough
– You want to make sure that there is plenty of time scheduled to go through the entire presentation, answer questions, overcome objections, ask for the sale and take the payment information. As you know, this is a lot of information for anyone to digest. Purchasing a Web site is a very important investment for business owners – one that they take very seriously. So avoid making your customers feel rushed or overwhelmed by always scheduling a full hour for the walkthrough.  

Listen to your prospects’ needs
– This sounds simple enough, but all too often is ignored. The more you know about what your customer expects from their new business site, the better prepared you will be for the presentation; and the better able you will be to price the site correctly. Listening is an art, one well worth learning when it comes to sales.

5. Carefully preview the site before the walkthrough -- Always double-check to make sure that the site is properly built in the correct Industry Template with the proper pricing and contact information. Once the walkthrough begins, sit back and let your Web Specialist handle the presentation. Never interrupt to discuss price or free trial periods with the client -- it only disrupts the presentation and may cause you to lose the sale.

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