March 2007 Tip of the Month

Mining for prospects? Let your fingers do the walking …

The Yellow Pages
When is the last time that you went prospecting in the business yellow pages? is one of the best resources you have to find potential business Web site customers. Go there, you will be surprised at the number of businesses that still do not have a Web presence.

Why use the yellow pages?

1. It is FREE.
2. It is available 24/7.
3. It lists millions of businesses by
industry, locality and name.
4. It is continually updated with both new and established businesses (or future leads to you).
5. It lets you know whether the businesses you are looking up have a Web site already. If so, it lists the Web site address for your convenience.
6. It also lists your prospect’s competition. This information is invaluable. Do you want to get your customer’s attention fast? Try out this sentence:

“Are you aware that your competition is …(fill in the blank)?”


Through the Yellow Pages, you can find out all kinds of useful information – such as what type of tools and features are being used, as well as, who has a Web site. The more you know about the competition, the better position you are in to sell the Web site.
Industry Searching by Season …

As we progress through the year, different industries have their peak seasons – and a stronger need for Web presences. This is why the Industry Search feature is such a priceless tool for you. To give you a better idea, currently, tax-related sites are one of the most frequented online businesses. Using the Industry Search tool, a smart WCO would look up tax-related sites to gain access to thousands of these hot leads.

Another important point to consider is that the type of “in-demand” industries changes as often as the seasons. So stay ahead of the pack and start researching next season’s prospects early. It’s smart business. Think ahead and start setting those qualified appointments now. This way, your customers will have plenty of time to get their new sites up and ready-to-go before the busy season hits.

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