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Top Sales Support Tips!

Each member of your Sales Support team has contributed their top sales suggestions to help you sell more Web sites:


Qualify and set appointments with ALL Decision Makers (DM’s) This is the #1 most common mistake that WebCenter owners make. When scheduling your appointment make sure that you set it at a time and date when all the DM’s will be present. Even if it takes a little longer to arrange, your chances of closing the sale will be well worth the effort. Check out Qualifying the Decision Maker for more tips on how to qualify Decision Makers (DM’s). -- Tim Erickson, Director of Web site Sales

Build a rapport with your customerPresent yourself as a consultant or liaison between Sales Support and your customer instead of coming across as the stereotypical “used car salesperson”. Put your client’s needs before the sale, and you will gain their trust and, in most cases, the sale.

-- Shawwnyce Dawson, Web Specialist

Become familiar with your customer’s business -- Ask questions about what they do, sell, their goals, the type of marketing they use, when their busy season is and other key information. Not only does this give your Web Specialist some insight into which features and tools to emphasize during the presentation, but also it helps you form a more solid bond with your customer.
-- Sekou Robinson, Web Specialist

How to give winning Walkthroughs -- Be prepared. Before the demo, double-check to make sure that the site is properly built in the correct Industry Template with the proper pricing and contact information. Once the walkthrough begins, sit back and let your Web Specialist handle the presentation. Never interrupt to discuss price or free trial periods with the client -- it only disrupts the presentation and may cause you to lose the sale.

-- Dan Callaway, Web Specialist

Always keep your customer happy! Show your customer that you care. Your relationship does not end with the completion of the sale. In fact, it is just the beginning. Earn referrals and great word-of-mouth by keeping in touch and showing them support in their business’ online success. For example, take the time to be with them on their first Tech Support call. Then they will know what to expect and will feel more comfortable when they do it solo the next time. You will be well rewarded for your extra effort.

-- Brian Wall, Web Specialist


And finally … have fun!! Learn the basics, stick to the script and have fun! If you learn to relax and enjoy your business, everything else will fall into place. -- Keoki Heaukulani, Web Specialist

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