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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Support

Do we support Macintosh computers?

Yes, the Dollars by Design Web site solution is compatible with Mac and PC.


What operating systems do you support?

Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS8, Mac OS9, Mac OSX, and Linux.


Can we set up support FTP on our site?

Our Upload Tool functions the same way as FTP.


Can we support a "live" feed of streaming audio/video?

You can upload a video or audio file that customers can download to view through a multi-format audio and video application like Window’s Media Player.


What type of server extension do we have for FrontPage 2000?

We do not use FrontPage extensions. The customer must save the file(s) as HTML and then upload them into their root directory. This all happens in the Administration Section.


Do you support CGI?

Dollars by Design does not allow customers to upload CGI scripts to our server. We do, however, provide custom CGI scripts that you are free to use on your site.


Do we support ASP?

We do not support ASP file uploads or any other server-side scripting. (Note: Usually when this question comes up, the customer is looking for substantial data base support, which the Dollars by Design Web site solution currently does not provide).


Do we have animated logos and icons in the Image Library?

We do have some animated GIF's (a raster-based color graphics file format) in the library you can use.

Site Capacities

What is the connection of our servers to the Internet?

We have an OC-48 fiber connection to the Web located in the same facility as one of the portals.


What bandwidth do we have available?

There is virtually no limit to the bandwidth into your Web site on our servers.


What are the traffic limitations of the site?

There are virtually no limitations to the traffic your Web site can receive.


What is your past uptime rating?

Our site reliability is among the best in the Internet community. We rely on Savvis - a worldwide leader in Web site hosting.


How many megabytes are these pages?

The overall site has a capacity of 500 MB.


How many pages does the basic site include and how many pages can a customer have?

The basic site is approximately seven pages, but there is no limit to the number of pages, as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 500 MB.

E-mail Capacity

Do we supply private e-mail and virtual Web hosting?

We have a webmail system that allows you to check your e-mail online from any computer. You receive 5 mailboxes, 5 aliases per mailbox, and up to 20 forwarders per domain name hosted.


Do you provide auto responders?



Do your Web sites offer unlimited forwarding?

We provide 20 e-mail forwarders per domain name hosted, which allows you to re-direct e-mails sent to to another existing e-mail address of your choice.

Editing Your Site

What if I don't like the Flash page?

There are several different Flash pages available in the Custom Flash Editor Tool, but if you do not find a Flash page you like, you always have the option of disabling the Flash page.


How compatible is the site with FrontPage 2000 or some of the other site creation programs?

Very compatible. You can create and save the files as HTML files and then upload the pages into your file cabinet. 

Note: Pages created outside of our system cannot be edited by our system.


If a customer wants to add streaming video or audio to their site, what do they need to do?

All the customer has to do is upload the file with video/audio in it, and then provide a link on the site to the file. Technically, this is not true streaming audio/video; streaming audio/video requires special servers. The alternative system that we provide is just as useful and effective.


Can we support MP3 or Midi files?

Yes, customers can upload the file into their file cabinet and then create a link onto their page.


Do you support databases?

We only support the database components that are automatically generated with our Web site software. The support mentioned is the way our software creates and stores information. The only thing that comes close is the ability to have a product list in a tab-delimited file format that can be uploaded into our system.


Can we determine the e-mail address of customers contacting my Web site?

We automatically know where the person has come from (i.e., AOL, MSN, etc.) and what pages on your Web site they looked at(all this information is available through the Statistics Tool). Once the customer e-mails you from the Feedback page, if they include their e-mail address in the form, the Contact Manager Tool will be able to provide you with that information.  (Please observe all laws regarding prohibition of "spamming" and remove anyone from your records who requests that you not contact them.)


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