May 2007 Tip of the Month
5 Easy Steps to the Follow-up Call
Lately, we have been receiving numerous requests for more information on the follow-up call – especially from new WebCenter owners. To help you better understand the procedure, we decided to make it our Tip of the Month for May 2007.

Ideally, your goal is to close the sale at the end of the walkthrough. However, sometimes this is impossible for various reasons – money and time issues, for example. When this is the case, the following will happen:

1. If you are unable to close the sale at the end of the presentation, then the Web Specialist will schedule a follow-up appointment with your prospect. If you would like to be present during the follow-up call, make sure you let your Web Specialist know at the time the call is being scheduled.

2. Top Prospects – since most sales are closed during the first week after the presentation, your Web Specialist will continue to call your prospect until there is some sort of outcome either way.

3. Initially, your Web Specialists will call your prospect when the follow-up is scheduled to close the sale. If for some reason, your prospect is not available, your Web Specialist will continue to try to contact him/her.

4. Many WCO’s are very excited to know if the sale was closed and call their Prospects back prematurely for an answer. It’s vital that you understand that the Web Specialists’ #1 priority is to sell Web sites for you. With that in mind, please rest assured that a qualified professional is pursuing your prospect. If you haven’t heard from your Web Specialist during this time period, chances are it’s because there is no news yet. Once he/she has a confirmed answer (one way or another) you will be contacted.

5. If you haven’t heard from your Web Specialist within 1-2 days after the follow-up appointment, feel free to call in and ask for the Web Specialist to get an update. If he/she is unavailable, please leave a voice message or you can leave a message with the administrative assistant at Sales support. Please be sure to leave the name of the Web site and the Web Specialist.

By following these 5 easy steps, you can avoid a lot of needless worry and stress. Keep setting those qualified appointments!
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